Adam Scott Umbach was born in Chicago, where from an early age he was inspired by the modern masters collection at the Art Institute. He received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin, where he studied painting, and then began his artistic career in Chicago. His large scale explorations of form and color paintings appeared in numerous exhibitions including: Moniker Art Fair, New York and Market: Art & Design, Bridegehampton, NY. His works appear in both domestic and foreign collections.

In 2012 with artist Thomas O’Gorman, he founded Alice Galleries in Chicago and Islesboro, Maine, where he painted in the summers, using the maritime forms, colors and iconography inspired by the craggy coast. The artist represents a fresh, dynamic approach to exhibiting and sale of contemporary art in an artist-friendly environment see

In 2016 he decided to move to a larger arena: East Hampton, New York. There, he has embraced the sandy seascapes of Long Island Sound where he now resides, and is represented by the Janet Lehr gallery. His East Harbor studio is a reflection of his classical training and harmonious expression of his love for art, the sea, and the culture of the area.

Umbach has evolved into a multi-faceted artist who is equally at home with abstract art, representational painting, portraiture, and charcoal. “I’m not focused on having a ‘style,” he admits. “Creating a style is too restrictive and confining for me and what I want to accomplish. I am more inclined to work in a variety of artistic expressions.”

Whatever the various styles, brilliant light, color and space define Umbach’s work. Differing from geographical landscapes to expressionistic backgrounds, the work maintains a minimalist aesthetic. By using recognizable imagery, these color fields provide a glimpse into the artist’s life.